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Welcome to The Next Story, named as such because that is what we are constantly searching for. A story has the power to whisk us away to strange places where the imagination is free to roam, somewhere we can escape for a time, before returning anew to a life we have the power to define. Stories transcend all boundaries and defy all odds. Stories can frighten us out of our wits, or invoke the purest of joy and wonderment. Storytelling is my passion and this is where I will be compiling some of my works and providing updates on my progress. If I can make you believe, even for a moment, that a story was written just for you, then I must be on the right track.

In pursuit of The Next Story, we ride on together!

- Gabriel Merithew


Artemis Out Now!

A Short Story

I wrote this story back in December and January, and I kept putting off releasing it publicly because the thought of doing so scared me. It still scares me... but in a good way.

This story was inspired by an afternoon outing to a farm here in Boulder on a particularly golden day last fall. I could see the picnic blanket laid out on the grass in the orchard, I could see how grey and skeletal those trees would look in the dead of winter, and I could see her, Artemis, in the midst of it all.



Thanks for your interest in The Next Story. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

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