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Thanksgiving Tale (Day 19)

My apologies in advance :) - Gabriel

As each and everyone who was able

All piled happily around the table,

And stared hungrily at a big dead bird

(A weirder tradition, I’ve never heard),

Auntie Lucina rose to give a toast,

But all eyes were still glued to the roast,

So she clinked her fork against her glass,

And with no small amount of sass,

Informed us that she was doing just fine,

Though this was most likely due to the wine.

I looked apprehensively over at mom,

Who eyed her sister like a ticking time-bomb.

I knew that Lucina had recently gotten divorced,

And that her toothy grin was probably forced.

Family get-togethers were always scary,

But the current vibe was unusually hairy.

I looked up at Auntie, then back at my plate.

Wondering how much longer I’d have to wait.

As she rambled on, my face grew redder,

But dad’s went as pale as the sharpest of cheddar.

Auntie’s toast rambled on and on,

Until my will to live was nearly gone.

But when her speech finally came to a close,

Mother immediately rose,

And thanked her for such a moving speech,

Then for her sister to sit, she did beseech.

“What is everyone thankful for?”

In her cheeriest tone, she did implore.

Little sister Anne went first, “I’m thankful for the sun!”

With any luck, this sharing might actually be fun.

Little brother Billy went next, “I’m thankful for my family!”

“What are you thankful for? Mother asked me.

“Uh… I suppose I’m thankful for this feast.

It isn’t every day we get to devour a beast.

This turkey does look a little weird...”

I leaned forward and at the turkey, I peered.

“A turkey? Why, they don’t deserve to die!”

I looked up at my Aunt and wondered why.

“This is no turkey, my dear boy!

And put down that knife, it isn’t a toy.”

“Then what is it?” I asked in alarm.

“Nothing that will do you harm.

But nevermind that,” She said. “Let’s tuck in!

Before any of us get any more thin.”

Across the table, we all exchanged nervous looks,

Had Auntie followed the recipe books?

After my plate was loaded, I nervously took a bite,

It didn’t taste like turkey, Auntie was right.

It tasted better, almost like steak or rabbit.

Carnivorous tendencies were such a bizarre habit.

But over the next half hour, we ate our fill,

And we all felt just fine until,

Auntie rose unsteadily to give another toast,

“Wasn’t that scrumptious, I don’t mean to boast.

I suppose you’re wondering what you just ate,

And honestly, I wasn’t expecting him to taste so great.

As you know, my ex-husband was a horrible man,

So for Thanksgiving, I came up with a brilliant plan.

I would kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

But it wasn’t a bird you just ate, your uncle didn’t have a beak.

The End

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